Copyright Images

At personalised car signs we try to provide the best quality images we can from professional designers to make our car signs look distinct and unique against anything else you might find.

We do get lots of request for popular images such as disney princess car signs, peppa pig car signs, fireman sam car signs, whinnie the pooh car signs and unfortunately we are unable to reproduce these as we do not have the relevant licence with the copyright owner.

Just because people can find many images on the internet which are easy to download doesn’t mean you are free to use them. Most images from such large organisations are generally ok with people using them for their own personal, non profit making exercises. However, if you were to use a disney princess image for a baby on board sign and then charge people, you would be breaking copyright law. Disney in particular has a very stringent acceptance policy on who is allowed to reproduce their disney princess images, not to mention the high costs applicable for such a licence.

You will find many other baby on board car sign makers on the internet that do offer copyright images, particularly on eBay. You are likely to find that they do not have permission to use these images and are therefore breaking the law, the product is likely to be of a poor quality and you will end up disappointed.

We would love to be able to offer disney princess car signs, and as our business grows, we are hoping to officially apply to disney for permission to reproduce their images. Until such a time we look to provide some high quality alternatives and an excellent range of other designs for you to choose from.