USA Shipping

Personalized Baby on Board Signs! We ship to the USA.

Did you know that we now ship worldwide? All our personalized baby on board signs can be sent anywhere in the world. All our prices are in £GBP, and shipping is a flat rate no matter how many you order. Delivery times to USA are generally around 5 – 15 working days, but please be patient as they can sometimes suffer delays.


Personalized baby on board signs are a big hit here in the UK, with many drivers choosing to personalize their car for their children with fun, novelty car signs that hang from the window by a small suction cup. Our car signs can be personalized in several ways, including having your very own choice of border colour, background colour, text colour, style of font. You can upload your own picture or photo to be used in your personalized car sign.


When paying for orders from abroad, Paypal is generally the best method to use. They will handle all the currency conversion for you, and don’t worry if you don’t have a paypal account, you can still use your debit / credit card with them. Alternatively, we can also accept international payments via our Nochex account as well.


We ship both our standard and large baby on board signs overseas, and would recommend adding the additional suction cup to your purchase, especially if your back window is on a shallow gradient, if you like to have your windows open a lot, or live in a particularly hot part of the world. The usual suction cup is placed at the top, and the addition suction cup (if requested) is placed at the very bottom of the personalized car sign.