Photo Car Signs

Our best selling signs are where we include your photo!

We have three main styles, the porthole design, the square design and the background design.

When filling out the create your own form, simply upload a photo or picture and we will incorporate it into the sign as best we can.

Here are some examples of the styles we can use, the "circle" design is the one we most commonly use, if your picture is better suited to a landscape layout we can easily  incorporate it, however if your picture has sufficient space around the image we can use your whole photo as the background. If you would like us to use a specific style, simply let us know on the create your own form, in the "picture details / other requirements" field, alternatively feel free to contact us and ask our professional opinion on your photo before submitting your form.

If you are submitting a photo, try to choose one of high resolution, with plenty of space around the subject. This allows us to make sure we don't have to chop off part of someone's head when fitting them into the sign.